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"The Seven Step Leadership Formula: Tactical Steps to Become a Better Leader"

We all agree that leadership is important. But how can a manager grow in his or her own leadership effectiveness? In this breakout style presentation, Scott Love will offer tactical action steps and ideas that will help your managers:

  • build their personal credibility with employees and colleagues.
  • increase effectiveness in communicating directives.
  • measure Key Performance indicators that lead to success.
"Attracting & Recruiting The High Achiever: How to Get Them to Work For You"

With over two decades of battle-tested experience in the profession of executive search, Scott Love brings substantive solutions to executives looking to attract and hire top performers. The talent pool is shrinking, and executives and line managers cannot delegate strategy to Human Resources and must remain active in the process. In this breakout style session, Scott will show your attendees how to:

  • Fix the strategy problem of most companies when it comes to hiring talent.
  • Attract the high achievers through a congruent and compelling narrative.
  • Engage prospective candidates to shepherd them through the process so that you increase the odds of hiring them.
  • Overcome objections from top performers when they are looking at other options.
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