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22 Apr Multi-tasking Fail

Several years ago I was making sales calls. I was halfway thinking about something else or maybe I was reading an email from my wife while leaving my message and remember finishing my voice mail message to my prospect with: "okay call me back. Love you". And...

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27 Feb Focus

When I was a boy, I used to play on the railroad tracks near my grandmother's small seaside cottage in Rockport, Texas.  I learned that the only way to balance yourself as you walked along the rail was to have a clear focus on the vision...

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23 Sep Be Selfish With Your Time

Most sales people aren’t selfish enough with their time. They give it to people who can’t provide value to their sales. I’m not talking about not being nice and not being cordial with your colleagues.  I’m talking about drawing boundaries.  Draw boundaries with others when they interrupt...

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04 Jul Joel Parker

You’ve probably never heard of Joel Parker. He is a successful young entrepreneur and has figured out the keys to successful sales and customer service at such a young age. With only six years of business experience, he has learned the following:  Identify the needs of...

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