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27 Feb Focus

When I was a boy, I used to play on the railroad tracks near my grandmother’s small seaside cottage in Rockport, Texas.  I learned that the only way to balance yourself as you walked along the rail was to have a clear focus on the vision of where you want to end up, looking at the “end” of the railroad tracks way down the line. If you second-guessed your footing and looked down at you feet, you would lose balance and fall off.

I also learned that you can only walk on one rail at a time. If you try to stretch for two in parallel, you won’t make it because it’s humanly impossible to have that kind of reach.

But by joining hands with a friend, the two of you walk together and counterbalance and support each other and you can walk a lot faster with less risk of falling.

Three lessons: keep focused on the vision, have a singular intense focus, and reach out to a friend who is on a similar path for support.

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