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Making Judgments about Prospective Clients

16 Apr Making Judgments about Prospective Clients

How can you tell if a client is going to be worth your time? By their actions in the beginning of the process. People don’t generally become more responsible as time goes on. Give them little “tests” in the beginning of the process. Email them a relevant and timely question and ask for their input by a certain day. If they don’t respond, then don’t rule them out, but remember this. If you have a chance to test them again with another action item, then judge how quickly they respond.

“We really need your help.” It’s too easy to say that. It’s too easy for people to give talk because it’s cheap. Make judgments about people based on the actions they take, not the words they say. If they are late to a meeting once, they will probably be late to every meeting.  If they said they would do something by a certain day and didn’t not fulfill their promise, then this is how they are probably going to behave as long as you are working with them.  Your time is valuable.  Don’t waste it with clowns who don’t appreciate it and who don’t place the value of your service at a premium level.

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