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Do you want a speaker who gives not just content but inspiration?

“Your role was to deliver the motivating “punch” for the Seminar and I think you nailed it. Speakers of your caliber and with your talent are rare. I am certain we will use you again for future events.”

  • Greg E. Flowers, Conference Chair


“It should go without saying that Scott has a natural ability to inspire and motivate.”

  • Elaine Rigoli, Conference Chair


“Thank you for the terrific presentation you made at our Fall Workshop earlier this week. You held the audience in the palm of your hand all afternoon!”


  • Nancy Temple, Association President


“Great seminar, time flew by, everything is applicable to what I do. Everything is actually ‘doable'”.

  • Karen Waterfield, Sales Rep
Do you want to learn how to attract high achievers?

“After attending, I found that I became more confident in my marketing abilities and increased my sales by 38% to beat my sales goals from the previous year.”

  • Stephanie Clark, Sales Rep


“After attending Scott Love’s…seminar, I was able to bill over $500,000 the next year. I give most of the credit for what I’ve done to attending that seminar.”

  • Nancy Sheaffer


My past four <proposals> have resulted in three <sales>; which increased my income by $73,650.00. A lot of that is my own work ethic, organization skills and character traits, but Scott’s training has helped immensely.

  • Wayne Dennis


“Bar none and without a doubt, Scott Love is the best trainer in our industry! He is always providing simple to implement and impactful ways for you to improve your <sales>. On top of that, Scott knows and teaches the power of right thinking, which goes a long way in an industry that has a tendency to be a roller coaster ride. For his contributions to our profession and his amazing skills as a teacher, I highly recommend Scott Love for anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level!”

  • Michael Long
Do you want greater performance from your team?

“I like the way you presented the info. I will definitely implement at least six different tactics. This is the first conference I have been to with my employees where they came away excited. Being an owner, that means a lot to me. Thank you.”

  • Barbara Lazinsky, Small Business Owner


“A refreshing sense of humor made the material fall into place. Most of what you teach is not new, but is presented in a contemporary style that includes interaction coupled with laughter. I wish that I found you 18 years ago. The learning curve would look so different. My career would have gotten a jump start. You emphasized many points that were familiar but were presented in a way that seemed new and unique. … I wholeheartedly endorse it. Thanks for a great time.”

  • Steve Biondi


“Your seminar gave me the tools I need to pick myself up and get back on track! I am very excited to get back to the office and apply your techniques.”

  • Tracy Powers


“My entire staff came back motivated and more productive every time they heard Scott speak.”

  • Sue Morton, Small Business Owner
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